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Am I to old or out of shape to do martial arts?

Everyone can do martial arts and it's never to late to start.  Never use the excuse "I'll start classes when I get in shape." We teach people of all skill and fitness levels.

How do I know if martial arts is right for me?

There are many great resources online.  But the best way is to contact us, ask lots of questions, come watch a class, and/or try a free trial lesson.

What do I need to know before getting started?  What is the etiquette of the school?

Our school is like many other martial arts school.  You're always welcome to come inside to the seating area.  Please be patient if we are in the middle of a class.  Introduce yourself to an instructor/black belt and ask to speak with the head instructor. 

When you start classes: 

1. Take your socks and shoes off before stepping on the mat.

2. Trim your figure/toe nails before class.

3. Keep your uniform and yourself clean.  The only exception is your belt.  Belts never get put in the laundry or left on the floor.  The only thing that should make your belt dirty is your hard work while it is around your waste.

5. All unnecessary jewelry should be removed mainly for safety purposes.

6. Hair should be managed appropriately so as to not be a distraction during class.

How long does it take the average person to get a black belt?

The "Average" person does not get a black belt.  Black belts are earned through years of hard work, dedication, and study.  How many years will completely depend on you.

Will I need to register my hands as deadly weapons?

Even though they might become deadly weapons through your dedicated training regimen, no,  this is just a myth.  That being said, it is your responsibility to only use your martial arts skills at the right times and situations when you are required to defend yourself and others.

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